A Fossil Hunter's Guide to Mars

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With a foreword by Barry DiGregorio, Research Associate for the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, in Wales, U.K.


Here is a small sample of some of the fossils located on Mars.  All illustrations have direct links to the original NASA / JPL data online.  


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A Fossil Hunter's Guide to Mars

by Sir Charles W. Shults III



Five years of research, data from Viking, Pathfinder, MER and Phoenix, and at last the results are here in a single electronic book containing over 400 pages of thought-provoking findings and illustrations.

The story of the evolution of the planets, the source of the oceans and the atmosphere, and the fossils that cover our neighboring world, Mars.  All this is in a single download in PDF format.  This richly illustrated and fully referenced work give us the answers to questions that have been asked for ages.

Each book contains a section of images and 3D anaglyphs.  This is an excellent gift for anyone interested in the solar system and in particular, the planet Mars.  Order your copy today!

A Fossil Hunter's Guide to Mars

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